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Projects & Records

Your 4-H Project & Record Book

The 4-H Project is the subject or topic you want to learn about. Selecting a project is an important decision. The project may be worked on for several months, a whole year, and sometimes even longer. Some projects continue for several years.

For each project in which you are enrolled, you will receive a project record sheet(s). When completed, these records will show what you have learned and accomplished in the project. They should be used when you first began work on a project to help you plan your goals for the project. You have not completed the project until you have completed the project record. The 4-H awards program is based on project participation and on records.

When You Choose a Project

Units or levels in a project refer to the sequence in which you should complete them. Check the suggested age guidelines for each project and project unit.

You can do most of the 4-H projects on your own and at your own speed. In some of the projects we will have county project workshops or classes. These are announced in 4-H Happenings newsletter. Help can also be obtained from adult project advisors in your 4-H Club – check with your club leaders as to who this might be.

When you receive your project books, read through them and write down some goals…some things you want to do or learn about. Then make a project plan on how and when you are going to do it.

You can take livestock and horse projects even if you don’t own an animal, or if you live in town.

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