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Rules & Policies

General Policies

To run smoothly and efficiently, any program needs a structure and some guidelines. 4-H is no different. Our philosophy regarding rules is that they should facilitate, not hinder or restrict, involvement of youth. The Jefferson County 4-H Membership Handbook provides 4-Hers, parents and volunteer leaders with our simple rules so the program can benefit kids and the community. Here are a few important rules.

To join 4-H, a youth completes an enrollment card. He or she must enroll in at least one 4-H project.

Most club participation requires 4-Hers to be 5-18 years of age. Clover Buds in grades K – 2 may enroll only in 4-H projects in which developmentally appropriate curricula are available.

Youth are eligible for membership when they enter kindergarten or have their 5th birthday, and remain eligible until August 31 of the year in which they graduate from high school or reach their 19th birthday, whichever comes first.

Membership is open to all youth who meet the age guidelines, regardless of race, color, sex, disability, national origin, economic status or geographic location within Jefferson County. Persons who feel they have been discriminated against or treated unfairly due to any of the above, have the right to file a complaint with the County 4-H Coordinator or the County Extension Director.

There is no county membership fee or dues. No club or leader may charge membership fees or dues without the voted approval of a majority of club members.

There are no ownership requirements to belong to a club or participate in a 4-H project.

There is no official uniform and none is required for any event or camp. When representing 4-H at functions, meetings, etc., it is recommended to wear green and white and the 4-H emblem. When competing in 4-H events and contests it is also recommended to wear green and white and the 4-H emblem.

Medical Insurance Recommendation

The 4-H office recommends that each club take out an annual medical insurance policy covering club members and adult leaders. The 4-H office can provide information and application forms for a low cost insurance policy that will provide basic coverage for $1 per member. Horse and livestock clubs in particular should have a medical insurance policy due to the greater physical risks inherent in large animal activities.

Health Forms & Statement of Understanding

Whenever 4-H members travel out of county on a 4-H program, a notarized health form and statement of understanding is required.

Legal Information

The 4-H club name and copyrighted emblem are public property held in trust by the Secretary of Agriculture and may be used by employees of the United States Department of Agriculture, the Land-Grant University and the Cooperative Extension Service, for serving the educational needs and interests of boys and girls enrolled. It may be used only by clubs or groups approved by the Extension Service.

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