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Your 4-H club is a group of young people with adult leaders who want to get together to have fun and to learn. Clubs conduct themselves under the guidelines of the Florida 4-H program. Generally, members meet once a month. They also participate in activities with other clubs from around the county and the state.

One of the main ways that 4-Hers have fun learning is by doing a “project” using a project book from the 4-H Office. After learning about the project and doing some activities, the 4-Her can give a “demonstration” to tell his or her club members and other about what he or she has learned. A club or Home Study member can make a display about a project. Sometimes project activities are also done in your club, and at other times at county-wide workshops or classes.

Each club is urged to participate in at least one community service activity each year. Community service is important in the 4-H program. It gives club members a chance to contribute something to our community. Through community service projects, you will learn about citizenship and what being a citizen really means.

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