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4-H relies on Volunteer Leaders to work with the extension staff. If your are interested in serving, contact us.

Volunteer leaders have responsibility for the functions of your club. However, it takes the active involvement of club members and parents to have an active and fun club with a variety of interesting learning experiences. Parents can help out by leading projects and activities. Some of the rules for leaders from the Handbook are:

  • Club organizational leaders must have the approval of the 4-H Coordinator.
  • Club leaders are approved for one year appointments and may be continued upon approval of the leader, the club and the County 4-H Coordinator.
  • All certified adults providing leadership in Jefferson County 4-H are considered volunteer staff of the University of Florida’s Cooperative Extension Service with liability and workers compensation protection through the University. This is to protect volunteers from the danger of lawsuits or of injury related to their responsibilities as a 4-H volunteer.

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