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Agronomic (Row) Crops & Forages

Resources Agronomic Crops & Forages Publications Auburn Crop Publications Poisonous Plants of the Southern United States

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Fruit, Vegetable & Nut Crops

Resources Commercial Fruit and Nuts Publications Commercial Vegetable Production Publications Local Produce Availability in Jefferson County National Watermelon Promotion Board Site

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Nursery & Ornamental Crops

Resources Commercial Nursery Publications (UF/IFAS) Lawns & Landscapes Publications (UF/IFAS) Environmental Horticulture Department (UF/IFAS) Florida Nursery Grower and Landscaper Association (FNGA)

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Soy Bean Rust

Photos of Soybean Rust in Jefferson County, June 2005 Whole leaf 1 Whole Leaf 2 Pustule 1 Pustule 2

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