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Local Produce Availability in Jefferson County

When is the produce available in Jefferson County?

Use this chart as a rough guide to produce availability. Harvest maturity may vary from year to year, depending on seasonal weather. Some growers specialize in “out-of-season” production when prices tend to be higher. Phone ahead to make sure the items you want are available.

Beans late May – late July
mid September – late October
Cucumbers mid May – late July
mid September – late October
Eggplant late June – late October
Greens late October – June
Okra late June – late October
Onions late April – mid June
Peanuts late June – late October
Peppers June – mid August
mid September – November
Potatoes May – late June
Southern Peas late May – November
Squash mid May – late July
mid September – late October
Sweet Corn mid June – July
Sweet Potatoes September – early November
Tomatoes June – late October
Watermelon late May – mid July
Blackberries April – May
Blueberries late May – early July
Grapes late August – late October
Peaches late May – early July
Pears late August – mid October
Persimmons  late September – mid November
Chestnuts November – mid December
Pecans late October – early December

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