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Vegetable Gardening

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Local Produce Availability

When is the produceĀ available in Jefferson County? Use this chart as a rough guide to produce availability. Harvest maturity may vary from year to year, depending on seasonal weather. Some growers specialize in “out-of-season” production when prices tend to be higher. Phone ahead to make sure the items you want are available. Beans late May …

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Vegetable Gardening Design & Tips

  Planting Seasonal Vegetables A continuous year-around supply of fresh vegetables is not practical due to seasonal variations, even in Florida. For an ample supply of most seasonal items, about one-tenth acre per member of the family should be sufficient.One-tenth acre is a space about 45 x 100 feet or a square about 65 feet …

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Vegetable Gardening Fertilization

Supplement to the Soil Test Lab Report and Recommendations from the Jefferson County, Florida, Extension Service Most garden vegetables yield best in soil with a pH between 5.5 and 6.5. Calcium, an ingredient in limestone and gypsum, may prevent blossom end rot of vegetables such as tomatoes and watermelons. If you have not limed the …

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