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Friday Feature: Autonomous Drone Scouting

This week’s featured video was produced by American Robotics to introduce ScoutTM, a fully-automated drone system for farmers.  Scout features season-long automated crop scouting that is autonomous, or pre-programmed for launch, flight, imaging, landing, charging, data management, and drone storage with no piloting required. To improve agricultural decision-making, optimize inputs, and maximize yields,  automation must …

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Friday Feature: Lock Jawz Insulators for T-Post Fences

This week’s featured video was produced by Lock Jawz.  This farmer owned company has developed a unique fencing product designed to attach high-tensile, poly-wire, or barbed-wire to metal T-posts that are commonly used for fences in the region.  These snap-in-place insulators can attach wire to T-posts in six different potions, as seen in the graphic …

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Friday Feature: Cindale Farms 2017 Agricultural-Environmental Leadership Award Video

This week’s featured video was produced by the Florida Department of Agriculture (FDACS) to showcase the 2017 Agricultural-Environmental Leadership Award winners. Cindale Dairy, near Marianna, FL was one of three Florida farms recognized by FDACS in November 2017.  In addition to the video, you can also read about the dairy in the article that shared …

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Friday Feature: EPD Basics for Bull Selection

This week’s featured video was actually produced by the Panhandle Ag Extension Team.  Bull buying season is upon us, so it is helpful to understand EPDs, and how to use the numbers to select the best bull for the money.  Mark Mauldin, Washington County Extension provides a great overview of why EPDs are so important, …

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Friday Feature: Protecting Hay Quality at Harvest Part 2

In early October we shared the first two videos in the “A Cut Above the Rest” video series produced by Massey Ferguson, that features Dennis Hancock, UGA Forage Specialist.  This week we share the third and fourth videos in this series that provides helpful tips for protecting the quality of your hay at harvest. Part 3  …

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Friday Feature: Variable Rate Feeding & a Cow Joke

This week’s featured video was produced by Growing America’s Chad Etheridge, who came over to Marianna last week to make a video about something I have a real passion about.  This year farmers and ranchers were forced to harvest over-mature, low quality hay because there were very few windows of dry weather this summer.  Hay …

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Friday Feature: Baler-Wrapper Combo for Baleage

At the Sunbelt Ag Expo, I had the opportunity to visit with numerous local farmers who stopped by the UF/IFAS Extension barn.   I enjoyed asking them, “What was the coolest thing you saw today?”  Several Florida farmers shared with excitement that they had seen a demonstration of McHale forage equipment that can bale and …

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Friday Feature: The Domestication of Fruits and Vegetables

This week’s featured video shares the unique history of domestication of five familiar fruits and vegetables.  The video produced by Business Insider shows how farmers and scientists have been modifying genes for thousands of years through natural breeding and selection.  The video highlights the domestication of watermelon, banana, eggplant, carrot, and corn.  It is surprising …

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Friday Feature: Farmers for America Trailer

This week’s featured video is actually the movie trailer for a new documentary called Farmers for America.  This video provides brief highlights of the issues that will be addressed in the documentary film that will be making its way across America over the coming months.  The film will debut at the Indianapolis City Market on …

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Friday Funny: The Chicken Cannon

It has been 10 months since I shared a Friday Funny, due to a lack of good material.  Special thanks to Ed Jowers, Emeritus Jackson County Extension Director for sending this funny story to share: Photo Credit: Scott Sommerdorf The Chicken Cannon Scientists at NASA built a special cannon to launch standard 6-pound, whole dead …

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