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Farm Food Safety Workshops – October 5 & 26

Photo by Judy Biss Two Farm Food Safety Workshops are scheduled for October in the Panhandle.  A Building Your Own Farm’s Food Safety Manual Workshop is scheduled for October 5th in Crestview and a Produce Safety Alliance (PSA) Grower Training is scheduled for October 26 in Marianna.  The PSA Grower Training curriculum is approved by the FDA …

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Panhandle Fruit & Vegetable Conference October 11

Mark your calendars, put in your vacation request, or whatever you need to do to prepare to take part in the Panhandle Fruit & Vegetable Conference.  The conference will provide a great opportunity for networking and the sharing of practical farming knowledge that can help farmers across the region. This event promises lots of learning …

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October Panhandle Weather Summary

The crazy weather year continued in October.  I suspect 2015 will be remembered as the year when it did not rain when we wanted it to in the Panhandle.  There was quite a difference in the rainfall that fell in the western Panhandle as compared to the eastern counties.  The variation ranged from over 8 …

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October Florida Cattle Market Price Watch

Chris Prevatt, UF/IFAS Livestock Economist The August 2016 Feeder Cattle futures contract made a $ 13.20/cwt. price improvement during October. Based on this futures price increase, August Feeder Cattle revenues increased by approximately $ 99.00/hd.  ($ 13.20/cwt. * 7.5 cwt.) on a 750-pound feeder steer which amounts to $ 6,600 per truckload (50,000 lbs.). The …

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FAMU Crop Field Day October 24

Use the following link to register:  FAMU FALL CROP FIELD DAY   Author: admin – webmaster@ifas.ufl.edu Panhandle Agriculture

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Endless October Options in Northwest Florida!

Corn and sorghum mazes are great family fun in October. Photo credit: Carrie Stevenson October is a glorious time of year in northwest Florida. Temperatures are cooler, skies seem bluer, and the summer crowds have left the still-warm waters of the Gulf mostly to us locals. It is also the perfect time to explore the …

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Panhandle Invasive Species Workshop Thursday October 15th

  CLICK HERE TO REGISTER ONLINE Author: Matthew Orwat – mjorwat@ufl.edu Matthew J. Orwat started his career with UF / IFAS in 2011 and is the Horticulture Extension Agent for Washington County Florida. His goal is to provide educational programming to meet the diverse needs of and provide solutions for homeowners and small farmers with …

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Wildlife Food Plot Fundamentals Workshop October 8th

As summer browse dwindles the habitat benefits of wildlife food plots become more evident.Photo Credit Mark Mauldin Improving habitat can benefit the quantity and quality of wildlife on a piece of property. One common method for improving habitat is the establishment of food plots. Food plots are simply areas that are managed for the production …

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Carinata Production Meetings October 6 & 8

Brassica carinata, commonly called Ethiopian mustard, is a promising oilseed crop with great potential as a profitable winter cover crop in Florida, Georgia, and Alabama. Its high oil content and favorable fatty acid profile make it suitable for the biofuel industry, especially as a bio-jet fuel. Carinata prefers cool weather, making it suitable as a …

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Florida’s Forest Stewardship: Integrate Wildlife and Forestry Workshop October 15

October 15, 2015 – 8:30 am–3:30 pm ET Dixie Plantation 1583 Livingston Rd, Greenville, FL 32331 Wildlife and timber are important objectives for many forest landowners. Integrating forestry and wildlife management starts with setting realistic timber, wildlife and economic objectives;and a long-term management plan that addresses the management strategies to meet them. This workshop will …

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