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When is Heartburn Something to Worry About?

Do you ever feel that burning, uncomfortable, and often painful feeling in your lower chest, sometimes spreading to the throat after eating?  Most of us have experienced heartburn (acid reflux) at some point in our lives, dismissing it with “I’ve eaten too much again.”  It’s not uncommon and is actually a normal process, with most …

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Cotton Marketing News: Prices Need Something to Grab Hold Of

Don Shurley, University of Georgia Cotton Economist If you don’t have a firm hold on things, sometimes it results in a fall. If you’re a deer hunter and have ever fallen out of a stand or slipped off the ladder going up or down, you know what I’m talking about. Luckily for me, I was …

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Something Fishy

This may sound like a fish story, but it’s true!  People are eating more fish and shellfish than ever before!  While seafood has always been popular in the South as a whole, no area is more graciously endowed with an abundance of fresh seafood products than the northern Gulf Coast.  The warm waters of the …

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