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Cogongrass Spreading in the Panhandle

A recent increase in the spread of cogongrass has landowners scrambling to find ways to stop this invasive plant. There are ways to combat cogongrass, with positive identification and persistent treatment being paramount. Figure 1: From left to right, Cogongrass Infestation, Uneven Mid-Rib, and “Toothpick” Root. Credit: Ray Bodrey, UF/IFAS Gulf County Extension Cogongrass (Imperata …

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Spreading the “4-H Bug”

Jerry is a retiree and currently volunteers in the 4-H learning gardens in Calhoun County, working as he is available. He also answers my many gardening questions and offers advice. I’m grateful for his commitment to the Calhoun County 4-H program, and am glad to share his 4-H story with you today in his own …

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Gummy Stem Blight Spreading in Panhandle Watermelons

Gummy stem blight is a highly destructive, foliar fungal disease of watermelon that can cause yield losses of more than 50%. This disease is currently confirmed in multiple locations in Northwest and Northeast of Florida. Recent weather conditions of high humidity and high temperature have been ideal for gummy stem blight throughout the northern part …

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Spiderwort Spreading and Could Become a Hay Field Pest

Spiderwort growing up next to a fence along a rural roadway. This time each spring you can see purple flowering plants up and down roadsides all across North Florida.  Common Spiderwort (Tradescantia ohiensis), a.k.a. bluejacket, blooms really make the plants standout this time of year.  Typically the blooms are most noticeable in the morning and …

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White Sugarcane Aphid Spreading Across North Florida

A new aphid pest of sorghum has rapidly spread throughout north Florida this summer. Last year the white sugarcane aphid was reported causing damage in Texas, Louisiana, and in the western part of Mississippi. It has now moved eastward into Alabama, north Florida, and Georgia. The aphid was first identified in Santa Rosa County on …

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Goatweed Spreading West: Found in Holmes County Pastures

Goatweed in Holmes County Pasture – photo by Shep Eubanks Recently on a visit to a local cattleman’s pasture, I identified Goatweed (Scoparia dulcis) for the first time in Holmes County.  This weed has been gradually moving west in the Panhandle (Photo 1 below) with recent identifications over the last few years in Jackson and …

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Southern Corn Rust Spreading in Southwest Georgia

Source:  Seminole Crop E News Rome Etrhedge, UGA Seminole County Coordinator Southern rust has shown up in a number of corn fields in Seminole County, Georgia. Rome Ethredge is urging corn farmers to apply fungicides again, if it’s been 3 weeks since their tassel application. Decatur County agent Justin Ballew with southern corn rust on …

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